Sunday, May 17, 2015

New Life

To offer something new amongst the recall, retreads, and retro things that have been appearing on String Too Short to Tie I present the pine blossom.

There is a lovely pine shrub in the front yard mound.  Each year it seems to cover a larger percentage of the allotted space though we do prune it in an attempt to keep it under control.

While the green of the long densely-massed needles is quite attractive, I like it best when it is in bloom, another of Spring's marvelous offerings.

I am well aware that living in a piney woods has its drawbacks.  Pine pollen all over everything is a major nuisance, and if one is allergic to the stuff it is beyond nuisance.  It is a dreaded and unwelcome intruder into that individual's life.

But we have little of it and I enjoy the beauty of the plant when it is in this stage of producing new life.



Grace said...

How could you not love the divine aroma of pine...

Lin said...

I replaced our mugo pine last year---the original took over the landscaping. I love the pine because it adds some greenery to the yard when the other plants have dropped their leaves. Tried and true, the pine. I like them too.

Vee said...

We are thankful for air conditioning during pollen season. Hubby has an especially hard time. But I do agree that pines are beautiful.

vanilla said...

Grace, wonderfully aromatic!

Lin, year-round greenery is a blessing. In addition to a couple of pine shrubs we have an arbor vitae which unfortunately has gotten so beautiful-- and bit-- that it has almost outgrown its place. :-(

Vee, people with pollen allergies are blessed to have A/C.