Sunday, May 3, 2015

Happy Woman

My BBBH rarely passes on the first melon of the season.  When they show up, she shows up. There may be nothing she likes better.

She has just cut into the thing and has taken out a slice of heaven.  Her words: "That's better than candy!" I have heard her utter that incantation over virtually every watermelon she has tasted in my presence.  Actually, watermelon is better than almost anything in her estimation.  I mean, the girl loves watermelon!

BBBH tells this on herself.  When she was a little girl, four and five years old, summertime came, family get-togethers in progress, she would climb up on her uncle's lap and say, "Uncle Leek, will you buy us a big ol' watermelon?"

And of course, he did.  I can relate to that.  Those big brown eyes have looked into mine, too. 


Vee said...

It appears that she found a really ripe mellon. I have to agree with the "better than candy" statement.

vanilla said...

Vee, it is a really good melon. One wonders where is the soil it grew in. Remember when the season was late summer and short?

Secondary Roads said...

Your lovely lady has it right! Much better than candy and that one looks especially good.

vanilla said...

Chuck, watermelon for breakfast as water fell on the rooftop. All good.