Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Journaling BBE **

BBE: Before Blogging Era, or at any rate years before I undertook to maintain a blog.
BBBH:  Beloved Beautiful Better Half; referred to her BBE as "JoAnn."

In the summer of 2003, BBBH and I scoured much of Central Indiana looking for a used motorhome. This resulted in the purchase of a 24-foot unit, seven years old but with only 17,000 miles of use.

October arrived and we had yet to test this thing on a really significant trip.  So we loaded up and headed out.  Though I did not have a blog I did have some interest in keeping family and friends advised of our whereabouts and adventures, should we have any.  I chose to send periodic emails via the expediency of using friends' computers along the way, or stopping at local libraries to post messages.  As it turned out this resulted in a journal which we have kept for the memories.

As there has been an inspiration dry-spell here at STSTT, I thought to share some of that very first RV journey.  The two asterisks following the title of the posts will alert you to the fact that the story is old news from our younger days.  There is some editing for brevity. Choose to read if you wish.

On October 8 our RV headed south and east to Lexington, Kentucky where we had a most enjoyable visit with Carl and Bernardine.  We parked our rig right next to theirs on a horse farm directly across the road from Keeneland Race Park.  Carl's fascination with horses is life-long and legendary-- at least in the family.  

The Horseman, Keeneland in background.

When Air Force One was parked on the tarmac directly to the right of our vehicle the only thing between us and the plane was a bobwarr fence and a quarter mile of space.  And probably a bunch of unseen rifle-toting secret servicemen.  We didn't venture over to the fence.  Along the motorcade route, it appeared that every police officer in the Commonwealth of Kentucky was on duty.

That is Air Force One above JoAnn's head


Grace said...

Old news to you, new to us. I like reading about people doing things I would never in a million years do (spend weeks in a motorized vehicle? I think not LOL)

Lin said...

I dream of owning an RV. I love camping, but tent camping is just so much work setting up...cooking...taking down to move....setting up....

Kentucky is my favorite place to go--so lovely! Keeneland is really amazing--so green....

I am looking forward to more of your travel memories.

vanilla said...

Grace, since it is something you would never do we hope a vicarious trip cross country with us will be your cup of tea.

Lin, Kentucky is quite scenic. Maybe we can work something out on an RV. Perhaps we will be winding down our camping experiences about the time you want to graduate to an RV?

Lin said...

Vanilla--I like that idea. :)

vanilla said...

Lin, I'll let you know if and when.