Monday, March 16, 2015

History Test

The only person elected by popular vote to serve as governor in two different states, as well as having served  twice as the President of a foreign nation.
Name the man.  (5 points)
Name the states. (1 point each)
Name the country. (2 points)

Essay:  In fewer than 25 words, tell what he refused to do that forced his resignation from the last of those three  posts.  Or go ahead and look at the answers!

The man was Sam Houston who was elected Governor of Tennessee in 1827 in which post he served until 1829.  He was Texas Governor from December 1859 to March 1861.

Houston served two terms as President of the Republic of Texas.  Between his Presidency of  The Republic and his Governorship of Texas, he served twelve years as United States Senator from Texas.

Houston resigned the governorship of Texas upon the start of the Civil War because he refused to take an oath of loyalty to the Confederate States of America.  He was succeeded in office by Edward Clark.


Vee said...

Interesting history lesson!

Secondary Roads said...

Very interesting.

Lin said...

Hmmmm...I shall tell Joe all of this. He will enjoy it like I did---but he remembers it for later. (Unlike me)


vanilla said...

Vee, I am amazed at what some people can do in a lifetime.

Chuck, Houston: an interesting man indeed.

Lin, a small store of such information can be fun from time to time.

Sharkbytes said...

I totally failed> Blame it on being a Yankee. Who cares about the South? (JK, I think)

vanilla said...

Shark, I think the man lived a full and interesting life. I know you are just kidding about the "caring."