Monday, March 2, 2015

High School Terror

Senior year.  The end of a long twelve-year trail of terror.

What?  My big achievement?  Advertising model with Jeanetta Miller for the transit company.  We met at the bus barn, photog made the shot.  We did not get so much as a bus ride.

422 Terrors graduated in June.

Left: Classmate Wes Reiff.  He and I were best friends from age five until has death in 2009.

Right:  Roland Paegle from Latvia by way of Texas. There were a number of chess players in our class, but Roland was the only one who was consistently as strong as I.  We had many good matches. 

In an ironic twist, I discovered many years after I moved from the area that for six years Roland practiced medicine within a dozen miles of my home.  He passed away in 2011 before I was able to make contact with him.

Jeanetta is no longer with us, either.


Vee said...

I had no idea you had a career in modeling. Of course, they chose the most handsome guy in the high school for that gig.

Shelly said...

I love these stories telling "the rest of the story". And what a terrific thing to have been a model- not many can say that!

vanilla said...

Vee, handsome? Ha, ha. Ha.

Shelly, I am blessed in that my story is still "running."

Pearl said...

Wait -- you were the "Terrors"?!


Secondary Roads said...

I missed a call on Friday, but heard the voice mail message, from a school years friend. I would have enjoyed a conversation with him.

vanilla said...

Pearl, yep, every day.

Chuck, reconnecting with cohorts from the dark ages can be interesting.

Lin said...

Oh, wow! How come you never mentioned your modeling career before today? ;)

Ah, high school friends. I always wonder if they thought I was a complete idiot. Being that I can only remember the goofy stuff I did, I'm hoping they are doing the same.

vanilla said...

Lin, short gig.

You are a bona fide member of the club: we all remember the goofy stuff.

Sharkbytes said...

It's amazing to look back at groups we used to fit into. A surprising number of my former classmates are already dead. One at the age of 35, another about the same time. And yet, my high school guidance counselor is still going strong.

vanilla said...

Sharkey, as it turns out, my response to the study hall post fits this comment. I had an English teacher in h.s. who still lives. I talk to her on the phone occasionally.