Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Little Closer to Right

Yes, it is time for that nonsense again.

How many of you are 1) still up at 2 a.m., or 2) will get up at 2 a.m. to reset your clocks?

Which of you will forget the whole thing until you find yourself at church an hour before starting time Sunday morning?

How many of you wish they'd just quite fooling with the whole thing?

As I have stated on this blog in times past, I would not find DST objectionable were it not the case that we live in an area which is incorrectly zoned anyway, and hence DST is really double daylight time.  Clarification: When we go to Standard Time, we are really going to daylight savings time.  Okay?

I typed the title and later got to thinking, What is close  to right?  I believe close to right is just another way to be wrong.*

*As a mathematician, I am keenly aware of the fact that there are situations and circumstances in which close is the best one can hope for.  Yet, even then, the closer the better.


Vee said...

My vote is to forget the whole thing.

Secondary Roads said...

During the 19 years that Sylvia and I lived in Connecticut, we enjoyed DST. Seems silly now that we're back here in west Michigan and still in the same time zone.

Some matter are an asymptote. Close is the best you can do, or even hope for.

I'll set the clocks back before retiring.

Lin said...

I will be setting the clocks back today while I'm housecleaning. Joe will be confused all day...but he'll be glad it has been done for him--we have a LOT of clocks.

I'm glad that they at least shortened the time period that we do this whole DST thing.

Grace said...

Spring ahead, Fall behind - that's all I know. The effects it has on the day, I've never really understood - it's confusing and I don't really care BUT I do wish they would stop this nonsense, I don't think it serves any purpose. (or is that part of what I don't understand - something about the farmers needing more light at one part of the day than the other?). If man invented it then man can un-invent it. Turn back the clock on turning back the clock?

Secondary Roads said...

Like Grace said, let's turn back the clock, by turning back the clock on turning back the clock (or setting it forward).

It doesn't meet the original goal not that it matters anymore.

vanilla said...

Vee, I'd vote for that, if only we had a say in the matter.

Chuck, that's what I'll do; make the rounds of clock-setting when I set up the coffee maker, just before bed.

Lin, hmmm. Confusing issue, indeed. I thought the time we do DST had been lengthened. At least you will know what time it is when you get up in the morning!

Grace, un-invention in this case would be a good thing.