Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Salamonie 2014

Our September excursion took us to Salamonie Lake, Lost Bridge State Recreation Area.  We arrived and set up camp on Sunday afternoon.  Crystal clear late evening, spotted a gso satellite in the western sky.  Monday and Tuesday were gorgeous days, perfectly conducive to the visiting and playing we elders engage in when we get together.  (Think nothing more strenuous than Hand-and-Foot.)

 The satellite from 22000 miles, tiny hand-held camera, greatly enlarged.

 Son Kent and daughter JoLynn arrived noon Tuesday.  She knew Kent was coming, but Mom was pleasantly surprised when she discovered JoLynn came, too.  Tuesday afternoon fun with the kids.
 And some food prep for the evening pitch-in.  Make sure that is cool enough to bite!

 Must be Kent with the problem, whatever it might be.

 Got acquainted with a new friend, though it chose not to hang around very long.  Shutter snapped, insect gone.

 The fire, of course.  Always a couple of fire-bugs in the crowd.

Relaxing a beautiful evening away.  But we had seen the weather forecast.  Most closed their awnings, rolled up the carpets, packed in preparation for the storm.  Wise move, too.  We were on the road by nine o'clock Wednesday morning.  Clouds burst open just as I finished the chore at the dump station.  Drove home in the rain, but with a forty-minute stop at The Spencer House Coffee Shop for fabulous coffee and a visit with daughter Shari.


Sharkbytes said...

Looks like a great getaway. Glad you had nice family time.

Lin said...

Nice trip! Especially when you can combine it with visiting with family.

Grace said...

Looks like a good time was had by all...And what is that creepy bug? It's huge!

vanilla said...

Sharkey, it was a very nice few days!

Lin, camping time + family time = fun time!

Grace, I call it a squash bug. The lady said, "Eww! Squash bug." But I didn't; just took the picture.