Monday, September 29, 2014

How Old People Have Fun

Saturday BBBH and I made our annual trek six miles down the road to visit the Atlanta New Earth Festival.  I believe I attended the first edition forty years ago.  We have done several in the past few years.  Temperature in the eighties, the spouse grumbled about being in jeans rather than shorts.  Just a few years ago as we left the festival we walked from town to the car in a raging snowstorm.  You just never know.

Saturday we

1)  Planned to ride the scooter.  The valve stem blew out while I was attempting to elevate the air pressure in the rear tire.  We drove the car.

2)  Paid an old guy four bucks to park on his grass, and yet we were three blocks from the beginning of the festivities.

3) Wandered through blocks of street venders, I often leaning against a tree or a post while BBBH "shopped."

4)  Ate festival-priced barbeque sandwiches.

5)  Then walked four blocks to the necessary. This village of 740 souls sells all the premium space, and all the rest of it, too, to vendors, plan for eighty thousand visitors, then put the toities way out in the back forty. Near which the train was parked.

6) Talked with the conductor, reminiscing about the good old days of rail transportation.  Walked to other end of train where I snapped picture of this old residence.

7)  Talked to engineer at other end of train, then took this picture.

8)  Turned around and found a very expensive smart phone lying smack dab in the middle of the street.

9) Were searching for someone who seemed to have some semblance of authority when a young lady, twenty something, threw her arms around me, gave me a big old hug and told me how wonderful it was to see me again.  She did not pick my pocket, and I have no clue.   BBBH said maybe it was one of my grandchildren.  I don't think so.

10)  Limped/staggered the remaining six blocks to the car, drove home, and crashed.  In bed, I mean, not the car.

Oh, by the way, the earth is not only not "newer" than it was forty years ago, seems to me it is in worse shape than ever; but what do I know?

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Secondary Roads said...

Forty years ago, Sylvia and I were living in South America. News sources were reporting long lines at gas pumps here in the States.

vanilla said...

Chuck, oh, yes; recalling the bad in the good old days. Crude, I think, reached $12/bbl and gas at the pump was 55 cents, when you could get it. I could walk to work then, tada!

Grace said...

Gotta love #9...

Vee said...

I might envy your fun day if you hadn't mentioned the heat. I'm much too spoiled by Colorado cool autumn weather to put myself out in the heat when that's not absolutely necessary!

vanilla said...

Grace, without doubt, number nine was the highlight of my day!

Vee, I don't recall mentioning "heat." It was a perfect low-humidity fall day.

Vee said...

Temperature in the 80's and wife wishing she had worn shorts might imply heat. : )

vanilla said...

Vee, might, but it doesn't. Perhaps 82, perfect. BBBH thinks shorts if it's above 68.

Sharkbytes said...

Sounds like it might have been fun. Can't go wrong with trains to look at.

vanilla said...

Sharkey, trains do seem to have an unending attraction for some of us.