Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Passage through Space and Time

Fall officially started at 10:29 EDT last night, so I am told.  The little orbs in their pathways continue to make their circuits.  The days of our lives have been reduced in number by one, if we count from yesterday.  So much is predictable, and yet we know so little about what the future holds.

Several years ago on the occasion of the beginning of Fall I noted that Stella d'Oro was still providing blossoms, though many flowers have faded.  I wrote this little verse in her honor, and as a reminder to Self that perseverance to the end is a virtue.

Oh, Lily, little Golden Star
May I live my life as you are.
You blossom where you're planted
And yet you are quite unda'nted               
Through wet of flood
And you've now withstood
The long heat and dry of drought.
Your gaudier sisters have had their day.
They no longer bloom, their foliage hay.
And yet you soldier on.
May I keep at it 'til I'm gone.
May of me, as of you, it be stated
He started early and finished late and
Through it all, he kept the faith.

Consider the lilies of the field-- Jesus


Secondary Roads said...

Our Stellas were conspicuous in their absence this year. :(

Grace said...

I read "Stella d'Oro still providing blossoms" and immediately thought "They have a new cookie?" Yeah, yeah, Italian + New Yorker - say Stella d'Ora and I think - Cookies!

vanilla said...

Chuck, I am saddened to learn that. Next year (as the Cubbie fans are wont to say.)

Grace, thought never crossed my mind, as I was unfamiliar with the product. Looked it up. Have you entered their "Primo Italian" getaway for two? See their facebook page.

Grace said...

I can't get Stella d'Ora cookies around here - been eating them since I was a kid - my favorites are Breakfast Treats and Anise sponge and toast. I hadn't even thought about these cookies until you mentioned them, or rather your flowers of the same name. The only good thing about Philadelphia was the food...down South here it's hard to get anything Eye-talian. *sigh*

I didn't see anything about a 'get-away' on their web site but I did see that my supermarket of choice is supposed to carry their products - news to me, I shall have to seek them out next week when we go shopping (this weeks shopping already done).

I'm not a traveler (any more) and even if George could be convinced to travel he doesn't want to go anywhere that isn't English speaking! Actually the only place I have a mad desire to visit is Scotland.

Grace said...

Told dear husband about this post and my comments and also told him that our grocery store supposedly stocks Stella d'oro cookies. He offered to go to the store and look for them. Usually I say No when he offers to make a special trip to get me something this time I said Yes! I am now munching happily on a Stella d'oro breakfast treat. Who knew - we never go down the cookie aisle! THANK YOU!

vanilla said...

Grace, I am tickled that today's post led you to a delicious munchie! That is so sweet of George to do those "little things" that bring you Italian confections. (I saw the contest thing on their facebook page.)

Vee said...

Beautiful flowers for so late in the season. Love the poem!

Lin said...

Like Chuck, mine were not very bloomy this year. I think they like the hot and dry---we had cold and wet all summer.

Next year.

vanilla said...

Vee, guess maybe they've ended now; didn't see a bloom today.

Lin, ours not as abundant as usual, but still, they provided some nice color all summer.

Sharkbytes said...

For some reason I don't like these lilies very much, but your little poem is full of truth

vanilla said...

Shark, the thing I like most about this lily is its endurance-- first to bloom, last to bloom.