Wednesday, September 17, 2014


BBBH is today's guest writer on String Too Short to Tie.


Grandbabies are always in demand
But sometimes, upon my head, I could stand 
They give us a chance to bake cookies
Which we are not supposed to eat
With the excuse made to others
This sin we won't soon repeat

We go to the show and watch Snow White
Then go high up a hill to fly a kite
Get to play games down on the floor
With beautiful little people we adore
We can go to the zoo and watch an ape
Or slithering serpents at which we gape
Can give hugs and kisses and say goodnight
Pull up their blanket and tuck them in tight
We sit around rocking in our chair
Glad one of our grandbabies could be there
I always wanted to see them more
But if we don't work, we will be poor

They grow up so fast, how time flies
When I look back tears fill my eyes
Hands tucked under a chubby cheek
Lying on a little pillow fast asleep
Angels watching over their souls to keep
Thank you God, I think I'll weep

Psalm 91:11    Proverbs 22:6

from Gifts from God, Grace Jo Anna Press, 1995
©Grace JoAnn Harrison Lacy 1995, 2014

One of those grandbabies is forty now, and none of them are kids anymore.  But there are great-grandbabies!


Vee said...

It does seem that they grow up fast. Our youngest grandchild is now a Marine Recruit and our oldest great-granddaughter is in first grade. Reminds me that life is really short!

Secondary Roads said...

We grow so soon old
And so late smart

vanilla said...

Vee, even looking in the rearview mirror, one can hardly believe how fast the ride has been!

Chuck, seems we bumble along for years and years, then suddenly awaken to the fact that they are few, and mostly gone.

Lin said...

Aw, that's sweet. I really miss my kids sometimes, although I am not in a hurry to have them get married just yet. I know the time will come and I will be ready for little ones again. Although I will send them home to sleep through the night...or not.

vanilla said...

Lin, thank you. You don't need to be in a hurry. Time will take care of itself. ;-)

Sharkbytes said...

No grandbabies here, and I think I'm fine with that.

vanilla said...

Joan, not everyone is charged with being a grandparent, and that is okay.