Monday, December 16, 2013

Where are Ted and Ralph?

Let's get the answer to the question out of the way.  They are doubtless in the Hereafter.  The question remaining is this:  Did they arrive there on December 16, 1937, or did they meet their demise at some later date?

This is certain.  Theodore Cole and Ralph Roe, convicted bank robbers, shattered the illusion that escape from Alcatraz was impossible, for on that December day in 1937 they did escape the confines of that fortress.  Whether or not escape and survival to live another day is possible is still debated, though there were fourteen escape attempts involving thirty-six prisoners. 

Officially both men are presumed to have died in their attempt to defeat the waters separating them from the mainland.  Unofficially many supposed sightings and encounters with the men have been recorded and investigated.   In either event, both were born well over a century ago. so we may safely assume that society is free of any threat from either of them at this late date.  Three others in addition to Roe and Cole have been presumed drowned in escape attempts.



Sharkbytes said...

I think I have no cute comeback for this. Amazing that they had the spunk to try, anyway.

Vee said...

Interesting! Another unsolved mystery.

vanilla said...

Sharkey, I'm puzzled as to how two grown men could crawl through a hole they cut in the bars which measured 8.75" x 18." Smaller men than I.

Vee, one supposes that a definitive conclusion may never be drawn.