Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Eating Out

In the restaurant this evening I observed the two booths to my right and across the aisle.  During the time of such observation, each blue person made two trips to the buffet.  Each pink person sat eyes attentively glued to the owners' respective cell phones.

These folks were not kids.  The couple in the near-booth were sixtyish; the other couple probably mid-thirties.

I take my entertainment where I find it.  Bwahaha!


Vee said...

Whatever happened to enjoying your date for the evening?

I find it interesting that it annoys (some) people because I turn off my cell phone during an evening out. The last time I checked, a caller could still leave a message.

Vee said...

I assume that "pink" figures are female and "blue" are male. Is there message in the use of colors?

vanilla said...

Vee, you turn your cell phone off when you are on a "date"? How quaintly old school. You are my kind of person.

Well, yes. Your assumption is correct. I thought to use the standard symbols for male and female, but I can't draw. I can blob colors.

Sharkbytes said...

The temptation is very great to play on my phone when the company is less than interesting. However, I try to avoid being totally crass.

Pearl said...

My phone is on vibrate -- and ignored -- the bulk of the time. :-)


Lin said...

I don't care about the cell phone. If I happen to hear it (which I don't half the time), I look to see if it is from the kids. I never miss a call from the kids--in case they need something. If it's to chat...I tell them I will have to call at another time.

Do their cell phones not fit in their pockets????

vanilla said...

Shark, at least you are disciplined. And courteous.

Pearl, and an ignored phone is most likely no loss.

Lin, you have and use your cell phone to keep up with your kids. I applaud that. It's the frivolous behaviors I find, well, interesting.

My phone fits in my pocket, and that is where it almost always stays.