Saturday, December 7, 2013

Annual Reminder Rerun

This post from a previous year is offered again because I  believe that those who forget the lessons of the  past are doomed to repeat the mistakes that lead to disaster.  

Each year on this date I post a reminder of a very significant and sobering event in our history.  Because this particular item from three years ago expresses exactly why I do this, I am re-posting today.

On this day I reflect that I was seven years of age when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. I remember people discussing this horrible event. Of course over the years I learned a great deal more about it. My point regarding this personal observation is this. Most people younger than I have no personal memory of Pearl Harbor, and a very high percentage of people today are younger than I. So if the memory is to be kept alive, it must be inculcated into the minds of the coming generations.

Collectively, we forget at the peril of freedom and the life of the nation.

USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor, HI. Directly behind is USS Missouri and to the left, USS Peleliu. I have had the sobering experience of visiting the Memorial, and at an earlier date I was privileged to board the Missouri when she was in Bremerton before she was recommissioned.


Vee said...

This is a memory that needs to be kept alive. I don't remember that day, but I do remember the war that followed and especially the fear during the blackouts.

Sharkbytes said...

Yup. No memory for me. Om was just a year old. Some important things are remembered and some are forgotten. I sometimes don't see much rhyme or reason to which are which

KC Bob said...

Our current day friendships with Germany and Japan remind me that it possible for things to change amongst the nations. Hope that one day North Korea, Iran and others will be counted among our friends.

vanilla said...

Vee, it s important to remember so that future mistakes can be avoided.

Shark, funny how memory works. Sometimes we recall vividly the most insignificant things. Now, where did I put my . . .

Bob, it is to be seriously hoped for, worked toward, and prayed for. But vigilance always.