Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Hirsute Manly Man

As I was browsing through the archives at Bob Warr 'n Picket Fences I came across some pretty good stuff, if I do say so on Bob's behalf.  Here's another commentary from June 2012.

What is it that makes facial hair fair game? You be clean shaven, or I be ravin’.

In the sartorial realm, mostly if we don’t care for someone’s hairdo or clothing selection, we smile and say nothing. If we really like something, we may pass along a compliment, unless of course we are a “dirty old man” and the recipient of the compliment is a nit twit who thinks everything is harassment.

 But we don’t pass along our distaste for another’s taste. Again, unless of course, the man is bearded, mustachioed, or side-burned. Then you are entitled to express your opinion, no matter how uncomplimentary or derogatory. Thank you very much.

 “You need to trim that beard.” Probably meaning, “Shave it off.”
“I hate handlebar moustaches.” Meaning, “That’s the ugliest thing I ever saw.”
“You are wearing a Fu Manchu? What’s that all about?” Meaning, “That’s the ugliest thing I ever saw.”
"Sideburns? Who are you, Elvis? or are you fighting the Civil War all over again?” Meaning, “Shave it off.”
“A van Dyke?”  Looks like the devil.” Meaning, “You look like the devil.”

 Ladies, scrape your face every day for a half-century or more, or cut us some slack. Every square inch we don’t have to shave is a square inch of relief from agony.

The ladies protest that they have their own shaving woes.  Too true, but I think Bob's intent here is commentary on comments, not on shaving.

Tomorrow we shall have another of Uncle Jep's tales of hi jinks on the High Plains.


Jim said...

I hate to shave. Hate. HATE. Yet I do it every day because I look ridiculous with a beard. I know this because for a brief time in the late 1990s I grew one, on request of my wife who loved a hirsute man. And I experienced just what you wrote about here: everybody felt entitled to voice their opinion about it.

Shelly said...

My husband has had a mustache since we were in high school. And if I had to shave my face everyday, I would be sporting some kind of facial hair, too.

Vee said...

Hint: Loved your handlebar turned up as you wore it for many years. Made you look happy and sophisticated - and a little French. But then I guess you and not French.

Vee said...

"are" not French - or maybe you are.

vanilla said...

Jim, a man who gets what I am saying!

Shelly, Mr. Tejano was well ahead of me; I didn't wear a mustache until sometime in my thirties.

Vee, BBBH says I look happy now.

And there is some French heritage through the Michaux line on Dad's side, and Mom thought her father, Morrell, had French background.

Sharkbytes said...

I gave up shaving the anatomy that US society dictates should be shorn on women over 20 years ago. You can be hairy whereever you want.

Grace said...

While my personal taste tends to the hairless, on me and everyone else, I would never comment on someone elses personal preference. How rude! Even if they asked, I wouldn't comment!

vanilla said...

Sharkey, as it is said, to each his/her own.

Grace, you are just totally a Gracious person.