Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Old Hands

Gnarly, bruised, and crippled,
a pair of old man's hands.

They have flown a kite,
tightened a nut on a bolt.
Operated the machine
that made the pipe
that carries the sewage
to the processing plant.

They have held the wheel
that guided the car from
one end of this nation to the other.
They've tenderly caressed a woman
and changed a baby's diaper.
They have  rowed a boat.

They have paddled a canoe
and sailed a Snark.  They have raked 
and turned the earth with spade
and plucked the veggies from the garden.
Those thumbs can strike a spacebar
They've never tapped a message

On a teeny weeny pad.  
Those fingers have dialed 
a rotary phone; they've never
played Grand Theft Auto
and never will.  They have stitched
embroidery and darned socks.

Those hands have prepared cakes,
turned steaks.  They have mixed and 
stirred the candy
and cookies
and have transported same to the mouth.
They have wielded the blade that shaved his face.

They have served him well.
What is left for them to do?


Shelly said...

I love this post. Anything about hands somehow melts my heart.

Secondary Roads said...

Methinks there's more to do,
Ere their journey's through.

Old hands may be wizened,
But they're also wise,
Perhaps even wily.

Anonymous said...


Vee said...

What Secondary Roads said.

Lin said...

I like this. It's amazing what our hands have done, isn't it? You got me thinking now...

vanilla said...

Shelly, I have read some good poetry about hands. I am not a poet, but hands, I think, get too little credit for who we really are.

Chuck, wiley? Experience and guile sometimes trumps youth and enthusiasm, so I've been told.

Grace, thank you. I rather appreciate the old things.

Vee, I suspect there is more to do, else why would I be here?

Lin, it is amazing. They have done so many more things not mentioned here, but just a few minutes reflection will inspire a bit of appreciation for those appendages.

Sharkbytes said...

I love hands. I am unlikely to remember the color of a person's eyes, but I will remember their hands. Looks like they have some good service and creativity left!

vanilla said...

Shark, those hands have served me well and I am grateful for that. I believe they will continue to work for me!