Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lupita Tovar

Lupita Tovar Argentinean Magazine AD.jpgI am not familiar with the work of María de Guadalupe Tovar.  Most of the films she played in were made before I was born, or during my childhood.  Many of them are Spanish language films.  Nevertheless, it is important to me to mention this lady, for on this day she will celebrate her 103rd birthday.  And that is perseverance

Lupita Tovar was born in Matias Romero, Oaxaca, Mexico.   She was "discovered" by a documentary film-maker as she performed in a school play in Mexico City.  She went to Hollywood in 1929 where she studied dramatics, guitar, dance and English.  She starred in The Invaders and in the Spanish language version of Dracula.  Tovar starred in Santa, Mexico's first talking movie.

Lupita married Paul Kohner in 1932.  The marriage lasted until his death fifty-six years later.  They have a daughter, Susan Kohner, who was an actress in her own right;  and a son.   Two  grandsons, are film directors.  Lupita also has two great-grandchildren.

Congratulations, Ms. Tovar, on a life well-lived!  Happy birthday.

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Shelly said...

Wow! 103 is certainly a worthy accomplishment, and it sounds like she's lived those 103 years with style.

Anonymous said...

I certainly remember he daughter...

vanilla said...

Shelly, some really good genetics combined with an appropriate lifestyle, perhaps?

Grace, Susan Kohner played in some good shows in the fifties. The Big Fisherman and To Hell and Back among others.