Monday, July 1, 2013

My Neighbor's Backyard

Our next-door neighbor's backyard.

 This is a hole in our neighbor's backyard.

This is the digger that made the hole in our neighbor's backyard.

This is the (biased) tale of the digger that made the hole in our neighbor's backyard.

The neighbor inspired the (biased) tale of the digger that made the hole in our neighbor's backyard.

T'he former pool of the neighbor (who) inspired the (biased) tale of the digger that made the hole in our neighbor's backyard
was removed.

And the shade tree was removed.

And the neighbor asked if we were okay with equipment moving from the street to the backyard via the (very narrow) strip of grass between our houses.

Well, he did ask.  vanilla is a nice guy, if not a prince.
He said, Okay, so long as the ground isn't wet and soft.

The digger is now in the backyard.  Look in the hole.  It has considerable water in it
It came from the skies.

The forecast calls for a week of considerable rain.
The digger may or may not be able to continue work on the hole.

vanilla is not going to be pleased, well, I mean he will be less pleased than he is now, if the digger is removed from the backyard anytime soon.

You may think vanilla has a serious case of the envies because he is not getting a new humungous pool in his backyard.

Not so.
BBBH wanted to look for a property that had a pool when we bought this place, and
I told her if we bought such a place the first thing we would have to do would be to 
fill in the pool.

But the neighbor has a real case of the envies, for he admitted that the removal of the very nice hard-walled above-ground pool that was removed was not getting it, because the family and friends had deserted it in favor of his mother-in-law's in-ground pool.

So, seriously, he needed to find a way, expense be hanged, to get the party back in his backyard.

So the (biased) tale of the digger that made the hole in the neighbor's backyard
will continue through the chapters of construction and so on and so on, concluding with

Noisy parties in my neighbor's backyard.


Shelly said...

Let us hope the big digger inflicts no further damage and that all parties in the next door backyard are celebrated in a rather mute fashion.

Lin said...

Ugh. My concern would be for the drainage in the yards now that the pool is there. Water will be displaced due to the pool now and I'd be sure to watch where the water goes now that the pool is going in.

My mom's neighbor put in a pool like that, which caused my mom's yard to flood. She had to install drain tiles because of that darn pool.

May I reiterate....I don't like neighbors much.

Secondary Roads said...

Re: Your post & Lin's comments.

I love country life. Half a city-block separation between neighbors make for better neighbors. Living next to a farm may have its downside, but living next to farmers that are early to bed and early to rise is a good thing.

vanilla said...

Shelly, they are nice people, and I am sure the parties will be loud only to the extent that there will be shouts of joy. And splashing.

Lin, the terrain being pretty much flat, drainage is already a concern.

I guess what we would like would be to live in the country twenty miles from the nearest neighbor, but with all the conveniences we desire just around the corner.

Chuck, you do have a pretty sweet deal going there.

Anonymous said...

Pools are a huge no-no under any circumstance - they are just a big communal bathtub/toilet. Yuck! Oh, tons of chemicals? Sure, sure - I really want to immerse myself in a chemicals. And if you think about it, what's going on in the ocean? Oh, you don't want to think about - I get that.

I hope you told Neighbor that any damage is repaired on his dime...

vanilla said...

Grace, again we have found common ground. Pools: No.

Sharkbytes said...

I am grinning at your story, but close neighbors of any kind are the pits. (this time, literally). Sounds like Grace just doesn't like swimming!

vanilla said...

Shark, yes, he has a "pit" all right. The people dug a big hole, but have worked only three hours during the past week. Neighbor stares into the hole, shakes his head.