Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Midsummer's Garden

Some of our daylilies were crowded out by the very aggressive wild tiger lilies to which I foolishly gave a home.  This bloom may have been the best of show for this summer.

I spent the morning cleaning the wildflower garden.  It had become largely overrun with tiger lilies and yarrow.  Now I like these flowers, but they are aggressive and left to their own devices will crowd out everything they come up against.  I need to do some digging, but it is still too hot for that.  Mowing, raking, and pulling thistle is about the extent of my ambition at this point.  It is at least cleared enough now that we will be able to see the naked ladies when they appear, and that should be in about a week.

Still standing are a few oriental lilies, some echinacea, and the four tomato plants in the front of the garden.

The catalpa, as usual, has produced an abundant crop.  BBBH says, "Too bad those aren't edible."  It is too bad that there is not some way to turn them into nourishment or money.

Another rather nice daylily.


Shelly said...

Flowers are always lovely, and these are gorgeous!

Secondary Roads said...

Lilies and hostas now in bloom here.

Anonymous said...

I love lilies and I love that tree!

Pearl said...

Had a daylily show up in a crack in the sidewalk this last weekend. :-) Cheeky buggers.


vanilla said...

Shelly, flowers minister to all the senses: lovely sight, unique odor, velvety to the touch, some even taste good (nasturtium, e.g.) and my garden sings to me!

Chuck, isn't summer grand!

Grace, the tree represents the spirit of generosity, for when I was visiting cousin Jackie in Louisiana, I admired her tree spirits. When we were leaving, she handed me a box which contained that little gem.

Pearl, "cheeky" or like all Minnesotans, persistent in the face of adversity. ;-)

Vee said...

Beautiful flowers in your yard! I really like the tree man, also.

vanilla said...

Vee, the flowers are rather skimpy this year, but still we appreciate what we have!