Friday, June 21, 2013

The Day the Sun Stands Still

Scienterrific lesson.

The title today is simply a reminder that the solstice occurs on June 21 this year (as it will every non-leap year for the next quarter-century.)  It is a non-scientific reminder, for the Sun of course continues in its orbit, and the Earth in hers.  But if Sol has transited a certain number of degrees of latitude on its "northward" journey and has reached the highest north latitude it can achieve, then turns southward, it must surely "stand still" if only momentarily.

Do not pass this stuff along in a middle school science class.  It won't fly.  But the date and the event are correct.

Hope your summer is a jolly good one!

Blog update.

This little site, String Too Short to Tie, for some time has been getting between 4,000 and 6,000 hits per month.  I guess the spammers are having an effect, though, for suddenly during this month of June the number of visits according to blogger stats exceeds 20,000.  Is that even possible?  And why?  Of   course none of these people is interacting, unless one counts the posting of spam as interaction.

If you are a new reader, and you are really reading the posts, leave me a one-word comment, "Yes."  Otherwise, I will have to assume that I really have no new readers, just trolls.  I really hate to go to the captcha thingie, I hate it, but what does one do?  Oh, yes, blogger filters ninety percent of the spam, but still I have to empty that folder daily.


Shelly said...

Wow- that is a huge jump in traffic! I do not understand the concept of spam, nor at the end of my days would I want to look back on my life and realize my major accomplishment in life was creating spam. So many other things one could be putting energy into...

Secondary Roads said...

Some days I hate being online. It's too much like living in the wrong neighborhood of a large city.

vanilla said...

Shelly, it simply makes no sense. As for spam, I am with you. There surely must be more productive ways to spend ones time.

Chuck, well said. And I think we both feel the same way about big cities.

Anonymous said...

I never check stats but I do love my feedjit - always fun to see where people are visiting from (Khazkstan!). Of course anyone can choose NOT to show up on feedjit - I wish they wouldn't do that - I like to see where visitors are from. Someone from Toronto visits almost every day - I wonder who that is?

vanilla said...

Grace, I also wish everyone would show up on feedjit. It is fun. I have a visitor from Mountain View, CA nearly every day; never comments. I wonder, too.

Sharkbytes said...

The spam filter was working well for me, and then suddenly they started actually posting. So I set it for no more anonymous comments.

I chuckled... "yes, I see that hand."

vanilla said...

Shark, as much fun as it provides me, I find blogger can be really annoying sometimes.