Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Few Unimportant Things

I observed while waiting for the granddaughter's return.  (See previous post.)

 Back in the (boring) day of my youth, girls came in basically three categories:  blondes, brunettes, and redheads.  Yes, there were hundreds of shades, but each pretty much belonged to one of these classes.  Not so today.  There is virtually no color that one is not likely to see in any group sufficiently large.  And varied in age.  This coif, color ranges from ash blonde in front through shades of blue, to a vivid blue in back.

It was a very hot and humid day, and these ladies had put their hair up out of the way.  Much cooler this way, no doubt.  The interesting thing, though, is that these are probably two of the most intricate hairdos one might encounter, for those topknots are composed of dozens of braids piled up and, I suppose, pinned in some manner.  Cool.*

I can't show you the green hair, because that is a picture I did not take.  BBBH called my attention to it as the lady possessed of the green hair walked by.  The camera was not ready and I missed the shot.

I hope to convey a mental picture for you of a photo I really wanted, yet hadn't the courage to ask if I could snap it.  The lady was beautiful, and I was afraid she'd think I was a masher.  Yeah, right.  She was two generations my junior.  Anyway, she was dressed in a beautiful summer dress, frock, I believe it is called, in yellow and white.  She had a very neatly handmade sign. about 24" x 36".  Four lines.

Welcome home signs:  $10

Pretty yellow dress:  $60

Case of Miller Lite:  $18

Having Captain Schraum home:  Priceless!

*The lady on your left does not have blond extensions.  That hair belongs to the woman in front of her.


Jim said...

Miller Lite? Ugh. She must not love her man that much.

Secondary Roads said...

As we used to say in Ecuador, "A cada cual su propia locura." (To each their own craziness.)

Lin said...

When Em was in the salon getting her hair done for prom, I watched an "older" woman (probably 55-60) getting the tips of her long blonde hair died purple. Color is big now...and it isn't just the youngsters who are using it.

Wigs are big now too. The black girls at work all wear wigs now when their "do" starts getting weary.

Grace said...

I absolutely love those braided hair styles - they are so elegant. As for hair colored odd colors - I say go for it. It is harmless fun...20 years ago when my then 12-year old stepdaughter wanted to color her hair blue I helped her - picked a color to match her eyes - Stunning. And as rebellions go this was the least of hers...

vanilla said...

Jim, I wouldn't like it either, but I'm guessing the Captain does.

Chuck, grammatical or not, I'd like to learn to say that.

Lin, it is a colorful world, and hair is big these days!

Grace, the braids are something special! A granddaughter is a hair dresser. Her hair is currently purple, and she has quite a clientele requiring her services.

Sharkbytes said...

I really don't care much what people do with their hair. I do prefer it relatively clean though, so that leaves dreadlocks a bit outside my interest zone.

vanilla said...

Sharkey, clean is important. And maybe combed or brushed?

vanilla said...

Shark, personally I think clean and neat is important. Color? Doesn't matter to me. But some colors do draw more attention than do others.