Monday, June 17, 2013

Jimmying Around, and Jamming

 We were invited to a jam hosted by friends whom we met in Texas and who live in Indianapolis.  Saturday was the day, and we were eager to be a part of a fun afternoon.  We were on the road in plenty of time to get there by 1:30 or so, or so we thought.  Mae, our hostess, had given us directions by way of I-70.  I knew several other routes, but thought to take her advice.  Down highways 19 and 37 to I-69.  And there on 69 was posted a notice that I-70 was one lane from 465 into downtown Indy.
So here I decided to take 465 West to US 31 and then down Meridian Street through downtown.
As we were turning toward the west we saw a great pillar of smoke rising to the southwest.  As we proceeded toward town it seemed that the smoke never got any closer, at least for the longest time.  Then it was around the Soldiers and Sailors Monument on the Circle and thence west on Washington Street.  As we crossed the White River, it was clear that the fire was ahead of us; and suddenly traffic came to a standstill.  I fear I am making this tedious, but imagine how tedious it was sitting on a multi-laned parking lot jammed bumper to bumper with hundreds of other would-be travelers.

Finally, we crept forward a couple blocks to find an officer directing all westbound traffic off the highway and back to the north.  Enough detail.  With much zigging and zagging, we got to within two blocks of our destination only to be stopped again by an officer who refused us access to the street leading the the house.  I spun away, not happy, turned into a lane, squiggled around the block and arrived an hour after our projected arrival time.  We were two blocks from the fire!

 Music was underway, and most of the food had been consumed.  Except for desserts, and we had brought-- another dessert.  So with a scoop of potato salad and a spoonful of baked beans, and a lot of dessert we were ready to sing!

The pickers were excellent and knew how to accompany the singers.
Above, our hostess belts out a song, and here is BBBH at the mike.
BBBH puts a move on Big Bad Wolf

We were upwind of the fire, but a vast number of people on the downwind side were evacuated from their homes, we learned later.  Meanwhile, we blithely went along with our good times.  We also learned that the warehouse that was burning contained stacks of old tires over an 85,000 square foot space, and 65,000 square feet contained pallets.  Officials project that the fire will burn into this Monday at least, and perhaps longer.

Taking the road to the west, thence 465 and 31 northward, we arrived safely home before dark.

Thank you, Mae and Jerry for a fun time.


Jim said...

They may have been pickin', but you sure weren't grinnin' during the traffic jam.

Vee said...

You must really love "jammin' " to keep up the fight to get there.

A dessert picnic? That would be the greatest.

Secondary Roads said...

There'll be a hot time in the old town . . .

Pearl said...

Nothing burns like a tire fire.

I envy your jammings...


vanilla said...

Jim, you know me. [mutter, mutter} But it was worth it.

Vee, had already invested too much time in the effort to give it up only blocks away!

Chuck, indeed a fire like that does burn hot.

Pearl, we find a good time can be had at an open-mike jam. There were some good musicians there, too.

Lin said...

WOW...that was some fire! and the fumes didn't get to you?

Looks like a good time though. Were you singing too, Vanilla?

vanilla said...

Lin, the breeze was passing over us and blowing the smoke away from us. And yes, I did a couple of numbers.

Sharkbytes said...

Your event looks like it was great fun, but that fire was pretty close.

vanilla said...

Shark, fun times for us, not so much for people on the downwind side.