Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sheena is Home!

Three o'clock.  The place is beginning to fill up.

Part of the contingency present to welcome Sheena home.

The colors are being arranged for the welcome.

The troops are in the house!

Sheena has found the family; nephew is locking her up so she won't go away again.

Mom gets a hug.

And so does Dad.

BBBH and Sheena 

27 June 2013

This Thursday afternoon is the day Sheena is coming home!  She has been deployed along with her unit to Kuwait for almost a year.  It has been a long year.  We have been advised of the location of the welcome gathering and the estimated time of arrival of the plane from Fort Hood.  We are on the road a few minutes before 2:00.  I have estimated that it will take an hour and a half to get to the site, allowing forty-five minutes before the plane arrives, which will be a half-hour before the actual reunion.

So here is how it goes down.  We arrive in one hour and twelve minutes, thus increasing the wait time by almost twenty minutes.  About an hour later, her mother gets a text from Sheena advising that the plane will arrive at 5:15 rather than 4:15, thus adding another hour of wait time.  Oh, well.  There are enough people here for a party anyway!

Finally at six p.m. the troops arrive.  To the credit of the military, there was no fooling around.  The troops were marched in, ordered to halt, to left face, and DISMISSED!

Pandemonium reigned.  The house was full of tearfully happy people.

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