Saturday, April 27, 2013

CCF 2013

The kick-off of the 2013 camping season!  The Christian Campers Fellowship met for a lovely luncheon.
Thirty people showed up for fun and conversation, to discover who survived the winter, and how well.

Al and Margo entertained while we listened with rapt attention!


Sharkbytes said...

Nice to have a group of like-minded folks to RV around with. What kind of music?

vanilla said...

Shark, mostly gospel, with a little "Home on the Range" and "Happy Trails."

Shelly said...

Now that's a great thing, to have like minded fellowship. Any other Winter Texans in your group?

vanilla said...

Shelly, except for the stay-at-home types (very few) the rest of them are Florida Snow Birds. Our ravings about Texas convinced five couples to drag their rigs to Texas in 2010, the winter that drowned our fun. They probably will live by the motto "Florida Forever" from now on.

Lin said...

Did you toast the ones who didn't "survive?" ;)

Looks like a fun afternoon. I love campers--we are a breed all our own. Sorta remind me of bloggers--we all look out for one another.

vanilla said...

Lin, we remember and honor those who have gone on before us.

Campers are a special kind!