Saturday, April 6, 2013

Back Home Again in the Blogosphere

As mysteriously as it disappeared, my blogger dashboard reappeared.  In spite of all my futile efforts to achieve recovery I had to work around the problem by utilizing Bob Warr's blog on which to post "String Too Short to Tie."  Now I find myself unable to access Bob's tools, but the Dashboard came back.  Bob Warr shows up on the dashboard, but none of the links are operative.

So here I am posting back home again on "String."

Oh, phooey.  Sometimes I just want to scream, stomp my feet and say, "I Quit!"

Okay, tantrum over; we'll see how long this lasts.

Those of you who are frequent readers know about my fascination with the live oaks in the area.  This little cluster of trees is visible from our front window.  The quality of the picture leaves a good bit to be desired, but I wanted to show you the trees anyway.  The trees look as though they have endured great agony, yet prevailed, as they clung tenaciously to life itself.  A cluster of such trees is called an oak motte.  How many trees does it take to make a motte?

Not yet home in the physical world.


Shelly said...

Those oak trees learned to survive in this sometimes hostile Texas climate. I don't know how many it takes to make a motte, but they're always so interesting to study. cantankerous.

Vee said...

Don't know, just tell me and I won't have to do a search. : )

Lin said...

Wow, that is weird with the blogs. What is going on? Scares me to think it could happen to us all. Thank goodness you have two going to switch back and forth.

Those trees do not look all that happy there.

vanilla said...

Shelly, I suppose in a well-balanced world one should expect to have to pay for the pleasures of the internet with a corresponding degree of aggravation. No.

Vee, I don't know. A motte is simply defined as a copse of trees. Unless, of course, one is talking about the tuft of hair that stands up on the back of the head (think Alfalfa, or your brother when he was a kid); or the hill that is built up on which to erect an observation tower. Yeah, I looked it up.

Lin, I've given up trying to understand anything about the 'net. Trees must be at least satisfied. They tell me that many of them are hundreds of years old.

Secondary Roads said...

Does it require a lot
To comprise a motte?

I'll tell you
I haven't got a clue.

Good to see you back at String. Such strange things happening on your dashboard.

vanilla said...

Chuck, it requires a lot
on which the trees may grow.
Otherwise, there's not a lot I know.

Sharkbytes said...

well, you just taught me a new word (motte), and I love how the trees look.

vanilla said...

Shark, vocabulary building. Now that's what I'm all about!