Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pallies' Palaver

 From three different points of the compass three bloggers drove certain distances to join the fourth member of this quartet in his beautiful corner of the world.
Our Blogfest began with a really great picnic in the park along with the members of Sylvia's ham radio club.  From the park we adjourned to the home of Chuck and Sylvia for much talk and a great good time!

David (vanilla), with BBBH, came from Perfect to the south, Joan (Sharkey) came from the shores of the Great Lake, and Lin with her husband, Joe, came from Weirdville in the west.  Chuck and his wife, Sylvia, hosted the event.

The four of us have been reading one another's blogs for about three years, but none of us had met in person.  Lin was the sparkplug who got the ball rolling, Chuck and Sylvia jumped right in with the invitation to their digs, and vanilla and Shark were just as excited as they about the prospects of meeting.  So it was.

And this begs the question, were these people anything like you had imagined from reading them?  In a word, yes.  Our visit together made it clear to me that these are real people who in no way misrepresent themselves via their blogging efforts.  They are every bit as interesting, and more so, as they are on the pages of the internet.

The fact that the spouses helped make this happen is a testimony to their devotion to their mates, and to their patience with the bloggy pastime they have chosen.

The disappointments were few but here they are.  Lin and Joe did not bring Em or Colin with them, nor did they bring Hobbes and Grace.  Om was unable to attend with Sharkey; and the hours flew by all too swiftly!

Notwithstanding that Chuck and Sylvia  had fenced their beautiful and abundantly productive garden, ostensibly to keep the deer away, the fence nevertheless did not keep my dear out.  She hopped the fence and immediately started raiding from the bounty!

It was a weekend long to be remembered and cherished.  Thanks to you all who made this a special time, and especially thanks to Chuck and Sylvia for their hospitality.


Jacquelineand.... said...

What a wonderful idea! It looks as though a lovely time was had by all. (Alas, I'm experiencing serious garden envy, I'd have hopped the fence myself!)

Shelly said...

What a terrific thing! RThe blogging world really is full of great people~

Lin said...

Joe and I had a GREAT time with you all and meeting the spouses! It really could not have been a better day--well..if we could have stayed longer. :(

I hope that we can do this again next year and include some of our other blog pallies. It was just so nice to talk to people in person, wasn't it? Like you, I found everyone to be just like I imagined.

Grace said...

Oh I am so jealous!

Pearl said...

How sweet.

I've yet to meet any of my blogging cronies in person...


Secondary Roads said...

It certainly was a wonderful that we had together. No mentioned the fabulous weather. You should see the pic of JoAnn that Lin captured. She is holding up her prize tomato and she looks so happy. We're already looking forward to seeing you another time.

vanilla said...

Jacqueline, it really was a very special experience. Chuck and Sylvia’s garden made us all envious.

Shelly, the people I met are certainly in the “special people” category!

Lin, it was GRFAT to meet you all. Could not have found a better way to spend the weekend! I’m already looking forward to the next time.

Grace, we really wish you could have been with us. If we plan far enough in advance for the next gathering, do you think...?

Pearl, you would definitely be a wonderful addition to such a get-together. How about it?

Chuck, the weather could not have been better. We thought you brought it in on special order. We, too, are already looking forward to our meeting again. And I can’t say this too often: thank you again. Everything was wonderful.

Secondary Roads said...

In your comment to Shelly didn't you leave out a word? Should it be special needs people? Just asking.

I take no credit for the good weather. Otherwise, if it rains on your next picnic I'll have to take the blame.

vanilla said...

Chuck, what has happened to our language that one cannot use "special" as a complimentary adjective without evoking a whole other notion in the reader?

So, okay, I won't give you credit for the weather; but we did pick a great weekend!

Sharkbytes said...

It was such a blessing to meet you! Indeed, we all turned out to be real and no fakiness in the blogs.

vanilla said...

Shark, my very thought, and how wonderful to meet all y'all.