Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sunday Post on Tuesday

Sylvia and Chuck's church is just one mile down their Secondary Road.  So Sunday morning we went down that road and met a number of very friendly and interesting people.  One elderly lady (meaning someone of my age) revealed that she had a sister who lived in Marion.  I told her we had a daughter and a grandson in Marion.  Turns out her sister attends the same church the grandson and his wife attend.
Interesting conversation with the Pastor as we sipped coffee before the service.  Though he had never met him, he knew who my father was.  Pastor Mark's first charge was in Pennville, Indiana, a village where I had applied for a teaching job over fifty years ago, which is to say we shared some geography, for he had lived in Eaton, I in Muncie.  Well, at different times; Mark is a generation younger than I.

The Sunday School lesson revolved around the death of King Saul, a topic I had dealt with briefly on the blog this past winter.  Fascinating discussion.

Pastor Mark's sermon was titled "Heaven: A Gated Community."  He read John's description of heaven as recorded in the Revelation.  He pointed out that we are given very little about heaven by way of description.  He posed the question, Why are we given such sketchy information?  His answer was this, which I found interesting.  We are told so little lest we make an idol of heaven and worship it instead of focusing our worship on God.

Conclusion: Wherever God is is Heaven.  We are not concerned about the architecture of Heaven when we are in the presence of God!

Following the service, we had our farewell luncheon with our hosts at the local Chinese eatery.  Very tasty comestibles, followed by an easy and uneventful drive home.


Shelly said...

It was a day good for the body, soul, and spirit!

Vee said...

Small world.

Secondary Roads said...

The main part of that church building is over 100 years old. Over time time, additions and upgrades have been added.

We really enjoyed the lunch--especially the conversation.

vanilla said...

Shelly, nourishment for the whole being!

Vee, I believe I said that in conversation Sunday morning.

Chuck, very nice church facility, including the activities center in which we met. Picture because I like the architecture of the original building.

vanilla said...
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vanilla said...
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vanilla said...

Excuse my ire, but I get so aggrevated with the perseveration of comment posting. Happens when I post on others' blogs, too, and I know I only hit "publish" once.

Sharkbytes said...

How great that you took a picture of the church (the real one). I didn't think to take any pictures on Sunday.

vanilla said...

Shark, I thought the building was rather the quintessential country church. Snapped that through the window as we drove by and got lucky.