Thursday, August 16, 2012

Faded Glory

Many circuses had their own trains.

The elephant barn is now a museum.

There remain two elephants on the grounds.

The boys check out the ride.

The circus parade.

We drove five or six miles from the park to the site of the Circus Museum.  I am not now nor have I ever been a big fan of the circus.  But I was happy to go along with the youngsters for the ride.  Clearly much effort went into the collecting of artifacts and building the displays in this museum, but it is also clear that the popularity of the attraction has waned and little attention seems to be given to the facility.  We found three people and two elephants on the grounds.  There was an elderly gentleman in the office who was more than willing to take our admission fee.  He told us to drive on down, look around, stay away from the animals, and ask him anything when we finished our tour.  We followed the first three directions and skipped the fourth.  There were two men working around old junk, perhaps engaged in attempting to restore a wagon.  The interior of the facility was all ours.

In addition to posters, costumes, chariots and so much more, a large section was a circus model builders paradise.  A complete circus with parade, trains, bigtop and performers was underway in HO scale.  It was the most interesting feature of the place.
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