Monday, August 13, 2012


We will not have internet access for a few days..  Usually when  such a thing occurs, I have several posts in queue for the duration.  That has not happened this time.  You may have noticed that the posting has been erratic recently.  This happens when the juices of creativity stop flowing. 

Maybe I will be rejuvenated by the days in nature's setting, or maybe not.  At any rate, I hope to be back. I hope to have something to write about.  Above all, I hope your days are filled with all the good things you desire and that you will be back here when I get back.

I snapped this picture of the little green guy sitting on a morning glory leaf.  I use this photo as wallpaper for the computers.  Heide asked if the critter has a name.  He doesn't.  What would one name a green grasshopper?
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