Saturday, August 11, 2012

In the Interest of Literature

The author signs a book for vanilla's granddaughter.

We have had a great week here at Chez Vanilla.  Verla and Elvin arrived Tuesday afternoon; the visiting and "catching up" began.  Wednesday morning we went to Marion for Sis's book signing.  The author and her husband reconnected with old friends, some of whom they had not seen in thirty years.  Of course, there were family members present as well, which gave the event a little of the reunion aura.

Following the event, fifteen of the family members had a leisurely lunch together before everyone departed for the respective homes.  Verla and Elvin returned to our place and stayed until Friday morning.

When, as is typical, a year or more passes between visits with one's siblings, a time together is a treasure.  But maybe, just maybe, we will see them again soon, because we are toying with the idea of a trip to Colorado.  But that is just a maybe.  We shall see.

Child of Desire, by Verla Lacy Powers, Tate Publishing Company.  Also available at Amazon in print or electronic format.



Vee said...

Looking forward to your Colorado visit in September (since you will be turning the maybe into "will do").

Shelly said...

What a lovely time! The pic of your granddaughter and sister together is a great one. I love to see the generartions together. The book sounds terrific, too~

Anonymous said...

Happy times!

Lin said...

Aw, nice!

vanilla said...

Vee, did you note that "maybe" was in there twice?

Shelly, getting together with family is a special thing.

Grace, good times, indeed!

Lin, it was really nice.