Tuesday, February 14, 2012


The Rec Hall is the center of activities for this community, and it is well-used indeed. I prefer to refer to this place as the "Social Hall" or "Activity Center," for "Rec" evokes images in my mind that I prefer to avoid. "Rec" is homonymous with "wreck" which in turn leads to thinking of people of a certain age...

Well, you see where my mind goes with this, so bear with me, and allow me to refer to the place as the activity center. And incidentally, here is another thing that sort of bothers me, the banner displayed here. And why would this bother me? First, I am not a recycled anything. It has taken me a lot of years to get to this place in my life. Which brings us to second, my teen years, if I had to choose a stage of life to re-live, would without doubt be the last stage I would choose. Oh, well, it is all in a spirit of good fun, so I try not to be offended. And true enough, some of the people do seem to be, if not in a second childhood, certainly in regression which might place them at about the teen stage of life. The power of suggestion?

This display appeared just in time for Valentine's Day, and herewith I wish you a happy Valentine's Day and joy and peace with those you love!


Lin said...

I don't like when the Senior Centers pander to the older generation by insisting they act and look like kids again. Have you ever noticed that wacky hats are big with the Senior set?? Why?

I'm with you--I wouldn't go back to my teens for the life of me. I like where I'm at now and look forward to the years ahead.

Stay cool, Vanilla. I like you just the way you are too.

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!

I get my back up when ever anyone says they are "...years young" - no you are x number of years old.

Yesterday is gone - let it go!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

No kidding. There is NO WAY I want to go back to those teen years. Way too much angst.

vanilla said...

Lin, indeed there are many ways in which to patronize others. And thank you! I think I shall try to be who I am.

Grace, precisely. Memory, and even an indulgence in a bit of nostalgia reminds us who we are. But go back? I think not!

Shark, "angst" sums it up in a word. Deliver me.