Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hot Cheetos

I put three one-gallon jugs in the bike basket and rode the two short blocks to the corner convenience store to fetch water. No broken crown. As I alit from the bicycle, I spotted a gentleman readying to pull away from the pump. He saw me fumbling for my camera. He stopped and asked if I wanted a picture. Indeed, I said. He posed, I snapped. Then he said, as he opened the door and got out, "Here, let me get you with the car." What a guy!

So I posed beside the vehicle and he took the camera. Since my equipment is a bit tricky, a function of its age, not of design, he had a bit of difficulty. In fact, the final product rather left half of me standing by the car. That's okay; it is the thought that counts.

We had a nice conversation, mostly about cars, of course, and he told me he had several old vehicles, including a '58 Impala. He told me where he lived and gave me his phone number, telling me to drop by and take a drive. Thanks, Darrin. Nice guy and proud of his vehicles.

Hot Cheetos is powered by Ford 302. Restoration by Darrin, paint by a friend.


Shelly said...

What a perfect name for the car! That really is something- glad he was so nice~

Sharkbytes said...

Interesting paint scheme. I'm only an occasional car fan.

vanilla said...

Shelly, indeed that car is appropriately named!

Shark, it is different. The owner wants to "tweak" it a bit for more red up front.