Monday, September 26, 2011

Successful Surgery

Four days behind me now. Having looked in the mirror once or twice, I have a better appreciation and understanding for the lady who undergoes extensive plastic surgery. I know for sure the reason she chooses to recuperate in a remote spa where she is unknown.

This picture was taken the day of the surgery. It will adequately express my feelings for the whole situation. I have a picture taken after the bandages came off. I will not inflict that upon you. TV crama writers and directors, TV creepality show producers, and TV news producers delight in grossing you out. I have more couth.


Lin said...

Nobody is lovely in recovery. Just get better soon so you can take those bandages off!

I like your snappy new bracelets!

Vee said...

Thinking about you and missing your blogs. This too shall pass!

Anonymous said...

Short term inconvenience for long term benefits. Small price to pay. Hope you feel betterer and betterer with every day.

Secondary Roads said...

Missing you here. Hope this means that things are looking up for you. :)

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Hope your recovery is uneventful!

vanilla said...

Lin, oh, those hospitals provide really cool wristbands.

Vee, one of my favorite sayings; and it has been validated over and over.

Grace, thanks. Short term inconvenience does seem to be a good trade-off for long-term benefits! Why the youngsters who seek instant gratification are wrong.

Chuck, thanks. Looking up, will move ahead!

Shark, yes, uneventful is a good thing in such circumstances.