Sunday, September 18, 2011

Borrowed from Bob Warr

This post is on Bob Warr 'n Picket Fences which very few people read. Sometime in night's wee hours I got a strong impression that it should be posted on String Too Short to Tie. Here it is.


"I wish that preacher would cut it off. Second Sunday in a row the Methodists have beat us to the Brunch Buffet."
"Looka that, hadda wait seventeen minutes for a table."
"Oh, wow! You shoulda seen that game last night. Double overtime and we didn't get home until midnight. What excitement! And we won!"


Secondary Roads said...

I never miss Bob's words of wisdom. (Or any of his other words for that matter. :)

vanilla said...

Chuck, all utterances cannot be wise ones, I guess. (Even though we were very late from church, service of the Lord's Table, we were seated immediately at Buffet. All things work together, one way or another.)

Lin said...

I don't mind if the preacher is long, as long as he has something to say.

vanilla said...

Lin, nor do I. It amazes me, though, where some people's priorities lie. And I have yet to starve to death waiting for a table.