Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Frittering It Away

Catching up with some of the blog pals last evening and while reading "John Deere Mom" I discovered a couple of internet time-sinks I hadn't previously seen. There are so many, many ways to fritter away the time. Unfortunately, some of them are almost addictive. I won't warn you as to which ones. Oh, you probably already have your own monkey-on-the-back websites.

Anyway, one I actually tried is the Montage-a-Google. Go ahead. Try this. Go to the site and enter the name of your blog. See what happens.


John Cowart said...

Hi Vanilla,

Tried my www.cowart.info/blog/ site on Montage and it came up with some photos I'd forgotten all about.

What a fun site.

Thanks for the tip.


Lin said...

Oh, that was WEIRD!

vanilla said...

John, happy to accomodate you. Glad you found amusement.

Lin, I think "weird" might be the word!

Secondary Roads said...

I was going to thank you for this. On second thought leading me into time sinks may not be something that should be lauded. I did enjoy both of the links. Thanks.

vanilla said...

Chuck, you are welcome!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I tried the montage thing and it used photos that weren't even mine. Weird.