Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What We Did on the Fourth

Our little community answered the call. We had fireworks!

A good time was had by all! Posted by Picasa


Andrea said...


Secondary Roads said...

I didn't see any fireworks this year, but I did hear some on Saturday night. This blogger lives not too far from here, and she got an excellent shot:

Vee said...

You captured great pictures of your fireworks. (Must be nice to live in a city that is not yet broke.) Our city is too poor to celebrate and cancelled the fireworks and performance by the philharmonic in the park. Woodland Park picked up the philharmonic and the Air Force Academy did fireworks. We watched Manitou Springs fireworks from our deck.

jimgrey said...

Nice captures!

I live near (but can't afford to join) a country club that has a nice show every year. But they shot them on the 3rd this year and my sons and I missed them! Communists!

Marydon said...

I love the last pics! It is so relaxing enjoying these beutiful sky art creations ...

Have a beautiful day ~
TTFN ~Marydon

vanilla said...

Andrea--Thanks; it was an awesome sight!

Chuck--We had only to sit on our friends' porch for the show. (And they served us T-bone before the show!)

Vee--Took three dozen shots; got half dozen nice ones. Not a tax-supported endeavor;
organizers "passed the plate" and as I indicated, the people kicked in!

Jim-- On the 3rd? I hate when that happens.

Marydon--Thank you. We enjoyed it very much.