Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hydrangeas for Lin

Lin at Duck and Wheel professes a love of hydrangeas. She shared some of hers with us a few days ago, and I indicated that I might reciprocate. She seemed to like the idea.

These show the "atomic pink" quite well developed, though there are still some white spots in the centers, which will soon disappear.

This photo is entitled "Hydrangea with Hosta."
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This blue one is not as vivid as some I've seen in the area, but it is the bluest of the ones I can walk around the yard and enjoy. (It is my next-door neighbor's.)

I particularly like the white ones just before they are white. The subtle pastel green just appeals to me. The larger one is a bit past the true green stage, but not yet white.

Hydrangea with Echinacea. These are in Dick's garden.


Lin said...

Oh, Vanilla, they are LOVELY! Thanks for sharing these with me. ;)

I love hydrangeas because of the colors and textures that are in every blossom. I particularly love them when they are just starting to bloom and their new blossoms are just barely thinking of what color they would like to be--like your white one. LOVE that wee moment of pale green!

jimgrey said...

I'm really partial to the blue ones.

Secondary Roads said...

They are all nice. Very nice.

vanilla said...

Lin, you are welcome. Wouldn't the world be a dull place without flowers?

Jim, the blue ones are certainly stunning.

Chuck, we are blessed that flowers come in so many varieties.