Saturday, July 24, 2010


This old clock graces our dining room wall. It was made by Ingraham about 1915. It is a "Nyanza". It is 39 inches tall and ten inches wide.
This gem, when it is allowed to run, keeps very accurate time. Sometimes during a scrabble game, BBBH will say, "That ticking's enough to drive you to drink." There have been occasions when overnight guests have gotten up in the night and stopped my clock. Such nerve.

In this shot, you can see that the clock is running. I need a faster camera; but this is sorta cool.
A wee bit more Ingraham info over at Retrotechnocracy.


Vee said...

I love this clock. It is really beautiful.

Secondary Roads said...

That's a wonderful clock. I love that face especially. I'd love to find a modern watch with that style face. Wrist or pocket watch would be fine.

Unfortunately, the link to Retrotechnocracy doesn't work.

vanilla said...

Vee-- Thanks; and you have a very nice clock of your own!

Chuck-- I have a Timex wristwatch with a face almost that simple and very easy to read.
I've repaired the broken link. Thanks.

Lin said...

That is a beauty, Vanilla! Don't you just get used to the ticking sound?

vanilla said...

Lin-- Thanks. Well, yes I do. But not everyone does?