Sunday, July 25, 2010

From Despair to Delight

Pastor Mark's message on sustaining grace is based on the Book of Ruth.

1. Naomi was burdened by tragedy. Having removed to a far country with her family, she subsequently lost her husband and both sons to death. (1:1-5)

2. Naomi was bitter against God. (1:13) "Call me Mara." (1:20) Tragedy comes to everyone. Naomi had life, opportunity, Ruth, and Jehovah.

3. Naomi was blinded to future hope. She was back home in the Promised Land when she expressed her bitterness.

[Christians have a responsibility to give hope of the gospel to those who seem to be without hope.]

  • We must live by faith. Ruth asked to go into the field, saying, I shall find grace; and Naomi said, Go. (2:1-3)
  • We must live by the grace of God, as Ruth bowed before the kinsman-redeemer, saying, Why have I found grace, seeing I am a stranger? (2:10)
  • We must live in hope. Naomi said, Boaz is our near kinsman. It is good that you work with his servants. (2: 19 - 22)


Naomi placed her hope in who Boaz was: kinsman-redeemer;

in what Boaz did: he provided;

in what Boaz said: eat, glean, let my people watch over you.

There is hope today. By placing our hope in Christ the redeemer, we are saved.

We must live in hope!

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