Sunday, April 19, 2009

Why We Need a Pentecostal Encounter

Pastor Doug's sermon this morning centered on"Why we need a pentecostal encounter." The lesson is based on Acts 2:1-13. The focus of the pentecostal experience is being filled with the Holy Spirit. The inward change in our life is manifested in the fruit of the Spirit, viz. love, joy, peace, patience, as outlined by Paul in the Epistles. The outward change is evidenced in power. The Holy Spirit enables us to live a powerful, victorious life.

What does a pentecostal encounter do in/for the believer?
1) The believer will go from timid to courageous.
2) Will go from no message to clear message of salvation. See verse 38.
3) Will go from conflict to unity. (verse 44)
4) Will go from powerless to powerful.

What message is your life preaching? Our lives should be telling everyone, "Repent and be baptized."
Why is there conflict within the church today? It is due to a lack of holy living as Spirit filled Christians.

What is the key to the pentecostal encounter? As in the upper room, Acts chapter 2, it is to pray and wait for God to fill us. The people on that day desired the Holy Spirit, and they were obedient and prayerful.

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An excellent sermon there. We heard why Peter was so quiet after the resurrection.