Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Four a.m., rolling and tossing. I "wrote" a great post for April 15. Finally dozed off, and when I awoke I thought to transcribe it. As I sat at the keyboard I realized that it was utter nonsense.

Much like the ridiculous forms we have to fill out for this day.
Don't forget to beat the midnite postmark!

Happy Birthday to Granddaughter Mary Elizabeth
Happy Birthday to Grandson Jordan


Secondary Roads said...

Maybe that's why they say we should "sleep on it." We e-filed our tax return a couple of months ago.
-- Chuck

vanilla said...

Yes. I'm convinced that much of the "brilliant" stuff we come up with in the middle of the night is better lost to the world; which is probably why we don't remember most of it in the morning. Or perhaps as with this idea, remember with embarrassment.