Friday, April 24, 2009

Personal Notes on a Great Spring Day

Today, finally, is one of those eighty degree days we've been awaiting. Impatiently.
Lots of yard work today, more probably by BBBH than by me. She's still riding her mower. I'm too tired to do any more.

Also, got the new digital system for the home computer network up and running. Now that's a feat for a technoretard such as I. Used lots of help from those in the know, too. Knowing how to do something is fine, but we live in such an age of specialization that one is wise to rely on those who are experts in their fields. Many scratches and bruises, many "left-over" parts when the job is done, were all instrumental in teaching me this lesson. I may not be the highest-wattage bulb in the array, but neither have I lived well into my eighth decade without learning a few things.

[Happy Birthday to Denise]

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