Thursday, April 23, 2009

What Gives?


A beautiful spring morning in the Hometown so I visited the "business district" to manage a
couple of chores. For several years, our fair town has been adorned with Bradford pear trees in the downtown area, as shown here on north Main Street. They provide a wonderful display of white blooms in the spring, the dropping of the petals promising us that it is the last "snowfall" of the season. In the summer the beautiful, glossy greens provide shade for us and in the fall the reds/oranges of the turning create yet another feast for the eye.

But the next two pictures show the "new" appearance of south Main Street. Perhaps in celebration of Earth Day.
[and Happy Birthday to great granddaughter Ariel]


Secondary Roads said...

You should check out "My World." Post pictures of your town, home, area, places you have been on a Tuesday. Then go to My World and set up a link to your post. It will bring some visitors to String . . .
There's a link on my blog from Tuesday.
-- Chuck

vanilla said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Chuck. I did check it out. Interesting, but I'm possibly too inconsistent to follow through on the program. I'll continue to enjoy reading your "My World" posts.