Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Dog Again

Old Cookie is still doing quite well at seventeen; and as you can see, he pretty much owns whatever he wants around here. He still asks for "bites" and for his walks. Otherwise, he spends a lot of time, as one might say, in the arms of Morpheus. He can still spook a squirrel up a tree post-haste, and the rabbit nests within our fence perimeter have been uprooted. Darned doe should learn to keep it outside the fence. She comes back every year, and every year she has to start over somewhere else --usually under the neighbor's tool shed.
[April 29, 1933 Birth of Willie Nelson in Abbott, Texas.
One can but appreciate his talent as a musician/singer and composer/writer of songs. His excessive lifestyle, his politics, his fixation on bio-fuels, not so much.]


Secondary Roads said...

Old Cookie indeed! Isn't that like being 119 years old in doggy years. Hats off to the old boy.

Lin said...

Good 'ol Cookie has still got some spunk!! Yea Cookie!!

vanilla said...

SR --I'll doff the hat to the li'l guy.

Lin --Thanks. He'll appreciate the encouragement.