Friday, July 6, 2018

Friday Evening

at chez vanilla

It was about six in the evening when BBBH  created some sort of unseemly noise-- perhaps dropping a pan "accicentally."  I awakened, of course, whereupon she informed me-- yet again that Friday is date night.  And "we never do anything," and so on.

Omitting a recording of the subsequent conversation.  We decided to go for a ride-- nice evening, you know.  We drove a dozen miles down the road and parked in anticipation of putting on the feedbag at one of our favorite little mom-and-pop eateries.  The place was full-- to overflowing.  It was Friday, remember.

We drove another ten miles or so.  "We've never tried this place," she said.  So we did.  Another establishment similar in appearance to the one we just left, but with tables available.  We were seated.  We ordered.  We were taking in the decor, the clientele, and so on.  Across the room hanging on the wall along with other "works of art" there was a 16" by 24" picture which from our vantage point looked to be a painting.  The waitress came by and BBBH said, "Excuse me?  Who is the skinny broad in that picture over there?"

"That," the young lady replied, "is one of our co-owners."

"Oops!  Faux pas,"  Beautiful apologized.

The waitress grinned.  

Well, I examined the picture up close as we left.  It was a photograph rather than a painting, and she is a skinny thing.  Really skinny.


Sharkbytes said...

Well, at least you got out and tried a new place!

vanilla said...

Sharkey, it was an evening!

Lin said...

Hee hee! The proper follow up comment is, of course: "She is just BEAUTIFUL!"

I'm always good at that, putting my foot in my mouth.

vanilla said...

Lin, perfect comeback but what if you are a strict truth teller?