Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Who Cried "Wolf"?

You see two wolves posing on an icy bank in the woods.  I see a bear on my dining room table.
This one is tough.

The Christmas puzzle is done.  Finally.  Or almost.  Admittedly we did not start it until the new year, but still it took us two weeks.
Almost?  Yes, something I hate-- there were two pieces missing.  Yes, brand-new puzzle; I took the shrink-wrap off the box.  So we lost two pieces?  I think not, I think it a flaw in the packing process.  But wait!  We do have that resident poltergeist.  Do you reckon--?


Sharkbytes said...

Nice puzzle- big annoyance. I also love jigsaw puzzles although I haven't done one in forever. All flat spaces are covered with stuff.

Grace said...

Someone at the jigsaw puzzle factory was having a bad day so he/she decided to pass it on - hence all puzzles he/she packed had 2 missing pieces. Diabolical.

vanilla said...

Sharkey, finding a vacant flat surface around here is an iffy proposition, too.

Grace, my thought exactly.

Secondary Roads said...

Nice pic. While we had the boys at home we used to do puzzles regularly. It has been a long time since we tackled one.

Lin said...

I love a good puzzle too. Reminds me...I think it is time to start another one. Winter is such a good time for puzzles.

I don't recall opening a brand new puzzle and missing a piece. I think I would NOT be happy about that. You can't even blame the cat. :( (That's what we do)

vanilla said...

Chuck, cold winter days are good puzzle building days!

Lin, I didn't actually assert that the company sent out a faulty puzzle-- I did allow for the poltergeist possibility.

Vee said...

Bummer. I thought that had happened to me the last puzzle I got, but I found a piece standing against the table leg. It looked as though it was a part of the table.

I will complain to the company. It's actually supposed to be a "high end" puzzle.

vanilla said...

Vee, it is a high-quality puzzle, very challenging and we enjoyed it. Thank you so much.

Not accusing the company, but we surely cannot find the pieces.

Vee said...

Vanilla, I just lodged my complaint. Most companies do nothing about complaints but at least they know they spoiled a beautiful picture by their carelessness.