Friday, January 12, 2018

The Christmas Horse

This is the broadside email Carl wrote which inspired Heide to share her best-ever Christmas gift story.

Dear aunts, uncles, and all the ships at sea...First, Merry Christmas! Now, a poll was making the rounds on some internet sites: what was the best Christmas present you ever got? And, though I've gotten some doozies...a dog, a car, a wife...for me, there's no question that one Christmas present stood out, and has had a lasting influence on my life. And I've always wondered: how did it come about? I'm speaking of the year we got George Gay Fox, I think I was 7, and he came via mom and dad's bridge playing friends the Honeychurches, whose daughter, Libby, was attending college and could no longer care for her horse. that the story, full stop? Of course we played cowboys and Indians all the time, watched The Lone Ranger, etc, every boy wanted a horse...but what a leap of faith, what a gamble don't you think it was, to think a little boy was able to take care of! And that our place was suited to keep one. So, if you wouldn't mind taking a trip back in your wayback machine about 60 years...any insight? Because it was a life changing gift...and I wouldn't change a thing!
Love to all,
The "lasting influence"?  Carl still has a horse 60 years after George came on the scene.  Horses have always been a major part of Carl's life.


Vee said...

What a gift!

I think the most expensive Christmas gift I received while I lived at home was a wristwatch that, when it had a problem, I discovered was a used watch that the jeweler at a downtown store had refurbished to look new. I still have that ancient watch and I know that true gift was that Dad and Mom always tried to fulfill my wishes and make me happy.

vanilla said...

Vee, a good watch is for a lifetime. My son has the watch his mother gave me for a wedding present. Recall, we did not exchange rings, but gifts.

Sharkbytes said...

It wasn't a Christmas gift, but for graduation, but one of my most despised gifts was a "ladies" watch. It still amazes me that people kept trying to turn me into a lady until I was finally out of college and able to establish my permanent identity as "just me." Maybe best gift was a record player in 9th grade. Not sure. I'm not a huge gift person.

vanilla said...

Sharkey, *chuckle*