Monday, January 22, 2018

New Heart Valve --Update

Two years ago this morning my chest was split open at IU Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis.  Thanks to Dr. Beckman and his team I am recalling the experience with gratitude.  Had my six month checkup last Friday and my cardiologist, Dr. Lambert, said, "I never tire of hearing your heart function.  The valve is perfect."

Medical science is wonderful.  Dedicated and skilled health professionals work to improve our lives and in many cases, mine included, extend lives.  God is good and in his wisdom he has endowed people with the hands and determination to work to these ends.

I could let this day pass without remark, but I won't.
Thanks to all who dedicate their lives to making our lives better.
Thanks to God who gave us life and sustains it.

About this hour 01/22/16 I was waking up to the first of the next 11 nights in hospital


Sharkbytes said...

And many of us are glad this was a big success!

Grace said...

We thank them too!

Lin said...

Hooray! What a wonderful celebration of all who aided you...and YOU, of course!

Secondary Roads said...

We were so happy to hear of the successful surgery. It is good to have you with us.

vanilla said...

Sharkey, so glad for those who are glad for me. 😊

Grace, I am grateful not only for what the pros do for me, but for their service to all.

Lin, it is good to be here to celebrate.

Chuck, I am truly blessed.

Vee said...

A sister out here in Kansas is very grateful for those medical professionals.