Friday, April 28, 2017

Four-letter Words: C and D

I see today is the day for "C."  The word of choice is:


This four-letter word is sometimes a verb as in "I, [we, they] care for you."  It may also be a noun as in "We placed it in the care of a conservator."

In the first instance the meaning is to attach importance to, or to be concerned for.  In the second it means to provide for the custody of, or the welfare of a person or thing.

This is a good word, not exactly warm and fuzzy, but perhaps that with a bit more steel, more resolve.

At the rate of one word a week this project would require half-year.  So we shall endeavor to "double up," at least on some of the choices.

The second word for this day rhymes with the first one:


Again, our word may be either a verb or a noun.
dare (v,) " They dare to participate in the pentathlon."  The word in this case indicates courage, boldness, fortitude, on the part of the one who dares.
dare (n.)  "I would not undertake that on a dare."  Our word here is indicative of a challenge.

A great four-letter word is "dare," because we must face up to life's challenges in order to succeed, nay, even to survive!  Dare to do well; dare to choose the right. 


Vee said...

Your four letter words days are interesting. Positive, even.

My "c" word would have to be carb. This because I baked four dozen chocolate chip cookies, gave two dozen away, and Hubby and I consumed the rest. There is a reason why I was thinner when we had four children at home. Back then, I was lucky to get one cookie.

My "d" word is daft. This for obvious reasons when relating words to myself.

vanilla said...

Vee, I am pleased that you share your four-letter words. Wish I had a carb or two from your cookie plate.

A better "d" word for you would be "dear." Or even "deft" as opposed to your choice, which I am assuming is in jocularity. Deft because of your multifaceted ability to get things done.