Monday, April 24, 2017

Beauty and Entertainment

I am calling this phase 3 on the project downtown.  The wall is painted and now what?

Beauty is where one finds it.  Nestled against the wall of the jar was the olive with the perfect star.
 A few evenings past we were blessed to view a performance of two real entertainers, Carol Channing and Pearl Bailey.  This show was taped years ago but thanks to "Get TV" we were royally entertained.

Miss Bailey left us years ago; Miss Channing is now 96 years of age.

I believe I mentioned this some years back, but I'm a name dropper, so:  I saw Pearl Bailey in person in 1978.  Did you know that these two ladies played the role of Dolly Levi in the Broadway version of "Hello Dolly"?  Can you name one of the other five who also played that role?  All big-name stars.

 Then there is this.


Grace said...

I suppose the most famous of the Dolly Levi's was Barbra Streisand, of whom I am not a fan. I've never understood why nasal -y yelling was considered singing. I do like the shadows on the wall, I heard the Statler Brothers in my head, tho their song was Flowers on the Wall....

vanilla said...

Grace, Streisand, of whom I am also not a fan. I am a fan of the Statlers, though.

Vee said...

Okay you just made my mouth water for olives by including that picture - though the star is very nice. I can't eat an entire jar of olives by myself so I don't purchase them unless we are having company. Remember how Mom, on holidays, always had lots of olives on the table for us to gobble down before the meal because she knew how much we loved them? Then she brought out more right before the meal started. Maybe we are Italian.

vanilla said...

Vee, one of our guilty little pleasures that Mom actually abetted. Italian? Don't know, but we surely like our olives.