Monday, February 6, 2017

¶unctuation Marks

I wanted  to use the pilcrow in a  response to a blogpost.  But my keyboard seems to  lack this  device, or I  don't know how to  access  it.  Google  to the  rescue "paragraph symbol" and instantly the little dickens appeared before my eyes.  Copy and paste, problem solved.

I have used the same technique  on other occasions  when in need of a symbol  or  even  a phrase in the alphabet of an alien language.  Quick and easy.

You may have referred to the pilcrow as paraph, or alinea, or simply the paragraph mark.*  It's  all  good.  Full disclosure: pilcrow is a new  term to me  as well.

A day in  which  one learns  nothing is a wasted  day.  You are welcome.

*Some refer to the symbol as "a blind P" but I tend to be more careful in  my use of language.

Happy Seventeenth Anniversary to  my Beloved Beautiful Better Half!


Grace said...


vanilla said...

Grace, we thank you so much for the good wishes.

Secondary Roads said...

Looking good!

Jim Grey said...

Happy day to you and your bride!

Various symbols often have multiple names. When I worked for a company that provided software to telephone companies, I learned that # is sometimes called octothorpe, and * is sometimes called splat.

vanilla said...

Chuck, thanks. Full disclosure: the picture is four years old, but one we like very much.

Jim, thank you. And I have learned a new thing for this day: *splat* Thanks.

Lin said...

Thank you for admitting that you did not know the name--I thought it was just me.

Happy Anniversary, you two crazy love birds!

vanilla said...

Lin, that's me. I am pretty transparent. Mostly

Thank you for the wishes!

Vee said...

Very special that you are celebrating another year. So happy for you!